Friday, May 27, 2011


Bradley going to work with Daddy. Tear.

Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point with Bradley's best friend Kaydince.
Brad LOVES animals, especially horses. This kid has no fears regarding animals. He might get his hand bit off some day, but he just can't resist trying to touch them. How I love summer time!


I have been so worried that I have no pictures of Calvin. He is 10 month old now! So I downloaded the pictures off my phone and I actually have some really cute ones of him. He is just so amazing and cute and different from Bradley. I love it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love These Kids!

These pictures are taken from my phone, but it's better than nothing. Calvin is so stinkin cute. Growing way too fast, beautiful blue eyes, precious smiles, the most adorable face, and the stinkiest toots!

Calvin is looks so cute on game days. Thank you Bamma.

The other night Bradley accidentally ripped his tag off his blanket. This was a pretty big deal since he takes his tag all day and rubs it on his face (particularly his nose) and rubs it in between his fingers.
His quotes throughout the night:
"tag go?"
"oh no!"
"tag off"
"tag dirty" -then he washed it in the sink
He then carried it around, put it in is pocket, and continued to rub it on his nose. This may be a good thing. Maybe he will be satisfied with just the tag instead of needing his whole blanket. Think of the possibilities... he can take it to school, work, mission, wedding. Way better then dragging his blanket around the rest of his life (David, I love you!).
Good thing we have a back up blanket until I reattach it.

Curly mohawk. It's gonna be the new craze.

Bradley loves Calvin's toys. This is how I found him when he was suppose to be taking a nap on his bed. The next day he wanted to sleep in Calvin's crib for his nap. I love it.

I think a dinosaur for halloween will be perfect. He roars so cute.

If it's not evident from this picture, Bradley loves the Markham's apple trees. He also eats all their canned peaches, pears, apple sauce, cherry and grape jam. Did I mention how much I love having such amazing neighbors? Bradley will hate us if we ever move.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calvin's baby blessing...

Calvin is Born...

Calvin Kawika Rose
July 15, 2010
7 pounds 10 oz
20 inches


4th of July was awesome! Garrett's parents got us 2nd row seats (on the grass) to the Stadium of Fire! That's right. Carrie Underwood performed. I was in heaven... and so was Garrett. We couldn't believe how beautiful she was and how great of a singer she was live.
We also watched the parade. It was so hot! But Bradley loved every minuet of it. Especially the balloons.

This picture was just too cute not to post.

Who would have thought a laundry basket and balloon could make a kid so happy? I hope he is always this entertained.

Bradley getting his goldie locks cute before his brother's arrival.


Garrett turned 26!
He got everything (i hope) he wanted... lots of camping gear. Then we went on our first camp out as a family. It was a lot of fun. Bradley loved it. I am lame and don't have any pictures of our sweet outing, but there will be plenty more camping trips to come.
Garrett also got a ukulele from his sister Taylor. Now Calvin Kawika will have some Hawaiian music to fall asleep too:)

This was the last night Bradley slept in is crib. He grew up way too fast!

Me and Bradley flew to Vegas, then drove to California with my family to attend our cousin Brock's wedding. It was beautiful! I wish Garrett could have been there, but we had a fun little vacation. I miss the beach and so does Brad. He was running into the ocean, getting knocked down by the waves, and eating all the sand. I'm so glad my sister and brother were there playing with Brad and letting him have so much fun.

We then drove back to Vegas and hung out with the family until Garrett met us there for our Day Family Reunion.
Lots of swimming, playing with cousins, jumping on the tramp, and bowling for the first time.
And we all loved the reunion. We played minute to win it games and spent the day in the mountains. Can't get any better than that.